Birthdays, Back to school, the big yellow bus, and that fall feeling in the air :)

Published September 9, 2015 by momdsgonecrazy

Well, here we are!  We have celebrated Daelyn’s, my, and today was Draya’s birthdays all within a week.  Its amazing how fast we can go through birthday cakes around here!  We had one nice little party this last weekend….just the five of us (Dylan is still MIA) and the pups too!  We had Darian home, always great to have her and the pugs here with us.  The girls had so many neat gifts this year!  Lots of frozen stuff including an Elsa doll for Draya that sings along with you!  Dae Dae received books and a Frozen sled with Anna and Olaf and all was well.  Dad did the cooking to give mom a break (it was my birthday too so it was a nice treat!) and it was wonderful!!  Thanks to my honey for a wonderful birthday 🙂

School has begun!  These sweet little farm girls are now officially riding on the bus to school and LOVING it!!  Daelyn has a special booster seat installed so that she cant be thrown all over the bus while its bouncing around and she seems to love it.  The kids at school in her class have been very good to her… Integration seems to be the best option for her.  Its great!!!  Its almost like a whole new Daelyn….she is growing and changing and I love it.  Draya has embraced Kindergarten!  She has all Frozen stuff for school, and the bus driver is allowing her to bring her stuffed animal on the bus so she is good to go!  She had her birthday on the first day for her, and she rode the bus for the first time also!  What a great event for her today!!  She was very hyper and overtired tonight ++ so its a good lesson for next school day….bath time at night to help calm her after these busy school days.  I can’t imagine what was going through her mind when my own brain was trying to wrap around everything going on too!!  She is doing wonderful with the transition especially only being 5 today.  She’s young and will do wonderful 🙂

I am often left thinking about integration versus segregation for children with cognitive and physical disabilities.  Integration offers so many more opportunities for peer to peer interactions and I believe that children do learn a lot better from their peers when it comes to social situations and some studies in school.  The amount of time the child is integrated should depend on the work load and classes that are being presented. Our daughter would do really well with integration for most subjects….if she is being disruptive and the other children are trying to learn that is NOT acceptable.  That is where I feel that integration is a slippery slope.  Its almost better to integrate for activities the child prefers such as art, music, gym etc.  The last thing the child needs is the typical children forming resentments because the child with special needs is causing a disruption in the classroom.  That is where the slippery slope occurs.  Do I believe in Integration?  Heck yes.  I have watched a segregated  classroom.  Our daughter was in a segregated classroom for a year and a half and she regressed big time (she also had an illness that caused issues too).  In watching Daelyn, she went from the highest functioning in the classroom to the lowest. Now that she is integrated,  she is a bright and cheerful little girl who wants to be a part of everything going on.  Segregation was not a good option for Daelyn and luckily we got her out.  The reports that came from school were nothing like our girl at home.  She was not talking, barely chewing her food, and apparently acted like she had much more of a disability. Yet at home she was our chatty, funny and sweet kid.  She was sick for awhile and lost weight and we went to RGH and saw a pediatrician.  They weren’t sure what was going on but they watched her weight and she was losing about 2 pounds a week for about 6 weeks.  Thankfully after that she started to gain again.  Now she is healthy as a horse and has some weight on her.  But at school then she was just not herself..  That’s why when this acreage opportunity came to be it was pretty much a YES for us right away!  Our girls needed freedom to play outside, and be surrounded with animals and fun!  They love it here and so do we!  This is home and its a great feeling!!! ❤

I think that’s all for this reporting period!  Glad to see the leaves changing and the farm becoming more like fall.  Here we go into a wonderful fall!!!!  Thanks for joining us for the ride 🙂

Birds, bees and a bit of a Debbie Downer….S

Published August 8, 2015 by momdsgonecrazy

Well, here I am.  Its 11:05pm and my wonderful husband is home with us the next two nights on his days off.  These are the days that bring me the most joy…having him here with us makes us a more complete family!  We spend time together all day long and try to find things to do with our girls that will be fun and different, especially since its the summer.  It rained yesterday.  That through our routine into a mess and therefore the girls were a mess.  We found inside activities but still.  They wanted to go see the chickens, and play on the trampoline like we always do.Grandpa gave them a birdhouse to put together (well, this handy mom put it together….) and they were so excited to colour it and get it done for the birds!  It turned out funny and typical and cute.  We also did a few picture frames, I got ditched at the table to finish them on my own.  Nice! LOL

Today was a bittersweet day.  We have our sweet pug home for the weekend, feels like we have a weekend custody agreement or something.  She is living with my husbands oldest daughter who is 16 and up until a few months ago lived with us, with the puggle. Well, life has challenged her and has made choices in her life and that has led her away from our home for awhile here, and not in communication with me at all. My heart hurts, as I have been in her and her brother’s lives for ten years.  But I will wait, and just enjoy a part of her and that’s our pug Jackie.  She was a family dog for a year even though she was a birthday gift for my stepdaughter.  She is the sweetest old pug.  She has one eye due to cataracts that took the other one before we got her.  She is relieved to be with us, I am sure as a dog it must be confusing as heck.  And our other pug Bugsley is so proud to have his friend home again!  They are buds for life (see pictures below).  I don’t know if I will ever understand what draws us toward and away from people….I myself have made decisions that have led me away from loved ones in the past as well, so I guess she feels that is appropriate for now.  I will stand back, where I belong and ask for wisdom through prayer.  God has always led me and I know he will in this situation as well.  Time for me to step away from drama and enjoy those who don’t create it or enjoy it!  Being a step mother has been the best and hardest (not always the worst) thing and it has led me here where I am.  In the arms of my man.  Where I belong, always and forever….and that’s what love is about!

Tomorrow is a new day right?  And no rain.  I was stung by a bee today also, not a fun time.  My lip hurts where she got me…I wish I could find her and squash her but I am sure she didn’t survive anyway.  Now I am armed with Raid in case it happens again. No way bees, you wont get me twice!  lol Night night,, sleep well. zzzz


Grasshoppers, moths and soccer balls….

Published July 31, 2015 by momdsgonecrazy

Tonight was a great night, much like every other night on the acreage.  There is so much to do!  We have our “routine” that we follow every evening. We start with a jump on the trampoline… our eldest daughter is starting to figure out how to jump on her FEET, which means she is gaining a ton of strength in her legs.  This is a great day for her, I emailed a video to her Physical Therapist instantly, joys of technology ❤  The laughter that I hear coming from our girls is contagious, I adore the sound so much more as they didn’t have this opportunity in the city.  They know they belong here, and so do my husband and I. We have found our “home” and it is a great feeling!!

The title of the blog tonight is regarding the girls and their butterfly nets.  They had so much fun catching little bugs, moths and baby grasshoppers! Daelyn and I found a grasshopper that was full grown, and I put it in her net for her to examine.  She watched it move and wiggle… and it jumped out about three times and I returned it to her net,  I have never seen her concentrate so hard on something….. she sat on the grass and watched and watched….it was neat 🙂  And Draya and I found a baby grasshopper that was so teeny!  And Bugsley the dog runs circles around and burns off his energy and then collapses on the grass and watches us.  He adores his new home also!

Today I am totally loving the small things in life, such as the blades of grass, the smell of the fields, the sound of the cows, and the sound of laughter.  So if you are having a bad day, remember the laughter of children, it is so contagious… and that is what life is all about 🙂IMG_4319 IMG_4321 IMG_4303 IMG_4323

Trips down memory lane, and BAM. It hits you!

Published July 27, 2015 by momdsgonecrazy

Well, today was a wonderful day. It was like a reunion after a stupid break in time.  I suggest to any of you out there who have family that you are estranged from to not let time go by.  Seriously, its not worth it!  If you have had a disagreement in the past, let it stay there.  That’s where it belongs and that just doesn’t matter anymore.  Today is now..  And today you can make a different decision for yourself, your spouse, and your children (and grandchildren too).  Its time to stop running away from those you hurt or have hurt you!  Face them, take the experience and build on who you are.  I learned some awful tools to deal with conflict and people and I am now spending my adulthood “unlearning” what was learned. Face your demons and you will be forgiven… even though people don’t forget (nor do we)!  Next time you can choose differently.  Time to make decisions for everyone, not just for yourself.

Anyway, as I said….today was a wonderful day!  Who doesn’t love a baby shower?!  My younger brother (I would say little bro but he’s 6’2 and I’m a foot shorter!) and his wonderful wife are expecting their second baby, he will be a boy and its very exciting!  We have so many girls born into our family that its nice to hear that we will have a little boy finally!  It was a fun day full of memories of the past, people who we haven’t seen for years appearing to celebrate a  new life coming into the family.  It was wonderful, and I was reminded that life moves forward so very fast.  I saw my great “adopted” great aunt and uncle who are now entering their 90’s!  My great uncle used to pick me up and tickle me…. well now he’s a frail old gentleman who I could pick up and rock in my arms!  It reminded me that life is really short and that I really need to work at speaking my mind so that I don’t do a “turtleshell” and run away from problems and conflict.  I wouldn’t be able to handle not seeing my family for many years at a time….that would be such an awful fate.

In closing I will remind you all….at the end of the day, what really does matter?  The argument you had years ago? Or the fact that everyone is aging more and more and the longer things go on…..the more gets missed out on!  The choices belong to you!


Helping others can equal DouchebagISM…

Published July 24, 2015 by momdsgonecrazy

It absolutely amazes me how people are able to take a situation, totally manipulate it to the point that they are not getting what they want, and then turn it around and throw it in your face.  Wow….I guess our days will be full of helping and supporting people ( who don’t deserve it) are over.  In helping others, we lost so much!  But we did something about it of course, and that makes us jerks.  If someone wants to put themselves in our shoes for a teeny amount of time and actually LOOK at the situation, then go ahead.  A douche bag is a douche bag no matter who’s shoes your wearing lol

It saddens me that looking at ignorance is easier to digest than accepting that people are just people.  Not superheros, not close to perfect. Just people!

I refuse to turn my serenity blog into a total drama show.  This is for uplifting and funny times with those who choose to be with us today.  Tomorrow is far away, we live for today only.  And those who are here we are blessed to have! Very thankful 🙂

City Girl, Gone Country?!

Published July 8, 2015 by momdsgonecrazy

Well here I am.  We knew we had an impending move but were thinking about accepting a home in the North end of Regina….until I read an ad for an acreage…..yes, an acreage.  Its set on 5 acres of land and is absolutely gorgeous.  Like, picture perfect.  The house is a nice little home for the four of us, this will be the first move where we looked after just the four of us.  If people want to visit, they are more than welcome to but the sleepover days are done 🙂  The greatest thing about this acreage is that it is only ten minutes outside of  Regina!  That’s it!  So I can have the best of both worlds 🙂  All there is to worry about now is school lol  But we are actually crazy people and moving this next weekend.  We must be like gypsies somehow since we love to move apparently….I do feel an energy release when we leave a home for a new one thought… my friends actually laughed and said “yeah we knew the city thing wouldn’t last long. They know how I long for the country….to be able to see the weather roll in, and feel cozy when a blizzard roll in. I am a total farm girl!  So off we go….praying its our best move yet!!! 🙂


Canada Day revisited, and reality now….

Published July 2, 2015 by momdsgonecrazy

Well, Happy Canada Day to all of you bloggers and Canucks out there, today is a celebration of our great nation.  I was thinking back to about 20+ years ago when I was younger and actually went “out” on Canada Day and had a few drinks ,watched fireworks and (even a big younger) macked out with a boyfriend.  Actually, I always had the same boyfriend as a young and blossoming pre-teen and teen.  He had a car that was a Valient, and it had a hole in the floor on the passenger side…we covered it with a mat and tried to avoid gravel, a hard thing to do when you live in the country.  If we hit a “bump” (a large rock or roadkill) I would feel a bit of a “caplunk” under my feet and push the mat down harder.  Ohhhh the good old days?  Back when I thought I was invincible and the days were all about being free and having fun.  Though back then, we had a very different life.If I was out past my curfew, I was in big crap.  Like literally.  5 am and my dad would come in and wake me up, and off he would send me to shovel out the chicken poo in the barn.  The smell of fresh chicken urine and feces after a night of drinking usually had us throwing up behind the barn.  Lesson learned.  Nowadays, kids are drinking so young!!  Some are drinking at 12 and 13??  At that age I had no idea… I was so niave.  Looking back I am thankful for it!  I hope to keep my girls away from the craziness in this world for as long as possible.  I don’t want them to lose their innocence.  And if a boyfriend happens to pick them up in a car similar to my “prince” of my teens I will secretly smile 🙂

Well, here we are today.  My 7 year old Dae Dae has a chromosome syndrome called 9P Minus Syndrome.  Basically, its a chromosome syndrome that is extremely rare and they know nothing about.  I have training as a Rehabilitation Practitioner and have worked in the field for many many years, so I honestly know why God gave her to us.  But when its YOUR child, its such a different deal.  Not a bad deal, but a wayyyy different journey than other parents go through.  We were in the NICU for 68 days. And that little bugger smiled when she was a week old. Yes I was told it was “gas” but she had a shrewd little grin that I KNEW she was smiling for real.  And there was a nurse who totally agreed with me.  She may lack some skills in her little life, but I tell ya when she gets something in her head LOOK OUT.  She will go hell bent into whatever it is.  That mostly includes books, bugging her sister and bugging the dog….who ironically, is named “Bugsley”.  SO he’s used to it…..she doesn’t bug him in the traditional “pull your tail” way though. Shes shrewd remember?  So its more taunting him with a piece of licorice hanging out of her mouth as she slides across the floor in his face, then yelling “NO BUGS!!” when he gets in her face to “help her” with it.  Ohhh yes, its a good time.  And with her sister, its a love relationship but when Daelyn has had enough she heads into her “focused” stare and off she goes.  Most of the time I can catch her before it happens.  Dray always reacts, and Daelyn loves it.  She must think “I will just pull her hair a little” and then BOOM. Draya crying, Daelyn sitting beside clapping her hands like “I did it again..damn I’m good”.  Off she goes to time out.  She always knows why she is there, what she needs to do and how to change it.  But she just has to get those opportunities in!  That hair is calling her name!!  Ohhh Dae Dae is a hoot…..she is a funny and goofy kid with big front teeth and a smile that would melt an iceburg.  She knows what  REAL smile is, not a “oh God…another picture” smile.  She means it, every time. I will somehow attach a picture of her to this blog, not sure how so if I disappear forever its from trying to add a picture!  I’m out for tonight, this mom needs a good sleep! Keep your dreams bloggy,


Dae Dae and her hero...her daddy :)

Dae Dae and her hero…her daddy 🙂